Commit 77786baa authored by Alvarez, Gonzalo's avatar Alvarez, Gonzalo
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SpinOrbital: (Si.Sj)(Li.Lj)^2 bug fix

parent 6634839e
......@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@ gt3:dir0:Connectors=[0];
# (S.S)(L.L)^2
gt4:dir0:Connectors=[1, 0, 0];
#Model params
......@@ -634,9 +634,13 @@ protected:
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(f1, 'N', f0, 'C', valueModiferTerm2);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(d2, 'N', spluslplus, 'C', valueModiferTerm2);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(d2, 'N', spluslplus, 'C', valueModiferTerm1);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(d3, 'N', spluslminus, 'C', valueModiferTerm2);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(d3, 'N', spluslminus, 'C', valueModiferTerm1);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(spluslplus, 'N', d2, 'C', valueModiferTerm1);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(spluslminus, 'N', d3, 'C', valueModiferTerm1);
OpForLinkType g0("g0");
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(g0, 'N', g0, 'C', valueModiferTerm0);
......@@ -653,9 +657,9 @@ protected:
OpForLinkType wprime("wprime");
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(wprime, 'N', wprime, 'C');
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(wprime, 'N', lplusSz, 'N', valueModiferTerm0);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(wprime, 'N', lplusSz, 'C', valueModiferTerm0);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(lplusSz, 'N', wprime, 'N', valueModiferTerm0);
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(lplusSz, 'N', wprime, 'C', valueModiferTerm0);
OpForLinkType z("z");
sdotSlDotLSquared.push(z, 'N', z, 'N');
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