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2020-12-02 Version 5.76
* ScalingInputFeature: For FiniteLoops, for
Target quantum numbers, for TSPSites
* HeisenbergMix: new model: spin 1/2 on the border sites
* HubbardHolstein supports OneSiteTruncation now
* HeisenbergAncillaC: spin > 1/2 bug fix, but
Entangler still wrong in paper and pencil
* procOmegas: When undefined value for site, file
is also printed for better debugging
* procOmegas: supports missing P3
* ci: 4702-4706 HubbardHolstein one site trunc.
* SDHS: two point observe supported
(SDHS means site-dependent Hilbert spaces or models
with different kinds of atoms)
* SDHS: one point observations supported
* SDHS: in-situ measurements supported
* OneSiteTruncation in Engine
* ModelBase::postCtor now reentrant
* Model terms can now be cloned
* Model Hilbert size now cached
* FiniteLoop now a class proper and FiniteLoop.cpp deleted
* Entangler.h deleted
* Changes due to boost serialization headers deleted
2020-10-27 Version 5.74
User interface:
......@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ public:
PsimagLite::OstringStream msgg(std::cout.precision());
PsimagLite::OstringStream::OstringStreamType& msg = msgg();
msg<<" [features "<<DMRGPP_VERSION<<"] "<<PsimagLite::AnsiColor::reset;
msg<<" [master "<<DMRGPP_VERSION<<"] "<<PsimagLite::AnsiColor::reset;
PsimagLite::String ctOpts("");
#ifdef USE_SHORT
ctOpts += "SHORT ";
#define DMRGPP_VERSION "5.75"
#define DMRGPP_VERSION "5.76"
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