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2021-04-22 Version 6.00
bug fixes:
* DmrgSerializer: bug fix in write
* CorrelationsSkeleton: bug fix when ket != bra
user interface:
* SolverOptions=correctionvectorimagonly added (Alberto Nocera)
* SolverOptions=wftstacksondisk added, but cannot
restart or observe if this features is on
* InputCheck: Work in progress to define all Ainur variables
* TSPOperatorMultiplier is now announced
* TridiagOptions now understands printritz (Shi Feng)
* ritz.pl script for processing Ritz eigenvalues (Shi Feng)
* fourleg.pl for processing 2+2 ladders.
* observe: Printing for two-points now can output
a number, vector, or matrix (Bradraj Pandey)
* observe: ManyPointAction in separate file
* OnePointCorrelations: keep legacy bugs to be consistent
with other correlations
* TwoPointCorrelations: actions implemented
new models:
* HeisenbergAncillaC spin = 1 work in progress
* SpinOrbitalModel added (Nitin Kaushal)
* SU(3) model added (Alberto N.)
* KondoEx2: same as KondoEx but with four more
connections (Jacek Herbrych)
* ci 1610 for KondoEx (Jacek H.)
* ci 1305: dynamics for spin orbit
* ci 20 and 21: time evolution of the Heisenberg model
* ci 61: observes <Q0|c?0';c?1'|Q1> (Alberto N.)
* ModelBase: in debug mode now checks
order of one site basis
2020-12-02 Version 5.76
* ScalingInputFeature: For FiniteLoops, for
......@@ -26,8 +26,8 @@ public:
PsimagLite::OstringStream msgg(std::cout.precision());
PsimagLite::OstringStream::OstringStreamType& msg = msgg();
msg<<" [features "<<DMRGPP_VERSION<<"] "<<PsimagLite::AnsiColor::reset;
msg<<" [master "<<DMRGPP_VERSION<<"] "<<PsimagLite::AnsiColor::reset;
PsimagLite::String ctOpts("");
#ifdef USE_SHORT
ctOpts += "SHORT ";
#define DMRGPP_VERSION "5.77"
#define DMRGPP_VERSION "6.00"
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