Commit bf755fa1 authored by Jim Nutaro's avatar Jim Nutaro
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Fixed an indexing error into the node array

parent cd65c989
......@@ -197,8 +197,8 @@ skip_line:
// Get shunts
Complex BI(atof(GETTOK(NULL)),atof(GETTOK(NULL)));
Complex BJ(atof(GETTOK(NULL)),atof(GETTOK(NULL)));
nodes[line_data.from].B += BI;
nodes[].B += BJ;
nodes[bus_id_to_idx[line_data.from]].B += BI;
nodes[bus_id_to_idx[]].B += BJ;
// Get the line status
int status = atoi(GETTOK(NULL));
if (status == 1)
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